Kenya is a fast-growing economy, being the largest economy in East Africa. Consequently, this makes the country a hot prospect for local and foreign investors, promising immense future growth. Being one of the best investments globally, real estate is consequently an excellent idea for all investors. Kenya shows promise of sustained growth in its future, and the development of most of its major towns ensures that any investors in strategic “hot spots” get promised great returns in the future.

Property investors in large towns and their surroundings, like Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, and Eldoret, have reaped great returns from their property investments as more people move into these towns for jobs and to set up businesses. Additionally, some other towns like Nyeri also have the prospect of immense growth due to their strategic position as a link to other interior parts of the country and the availability of new infrastructure like roads. Due to the steady economic growth rate, any investments in property and land will undergo a steady rise, increasing the value substantially every year.

Kenya has a healthy demographic, with the most significant proportion of the population being younger people, especially those between 20 and 50years old. This proportion of the population is essential for the property market, and thus acquiring sufficient amounts of land and property assets will ensure great returns for investors. Further, with expected continued population growth, property investment is guaranteed to become lucrative as more people are looking for land and homes in the coming years.

Kenya has established itself as an economic and technological hub, not only in east Africa but also in the larger African continent. Kenyan innovation has also made waves globally, making the country well known and respected across a global scale. Consequently, the popularity of the country makes it an attractive location for foreign businesses and settlers. The influx of these investors and immigrants inadvertently leads to increased property prices as they come with deeper pockets. Property investors in regions of high appeal for these incomers will consequently reap great rewards from their investments.

Developing new infrastructure around the country also gives property investment room for growth since each new road, hospital, or school makes the region appealing to new settlers. Consequently, it increases the cost of property and land within these regions. The development of a broad road network has also been shown to increase the cost of land and accompanying property. Good road networks enable workers to move out from urban areas with congestion and often a shortage of resources like water and waste disposal.

Real estate owners in the suburbs have historically reaped significant migration to these regions since they have access to buyers with adequate money to spend. Additionally, when a large group of wealthy buyers moves into a location, the worth of adjacent properties immediately raises, giving property owners a great return on investment.