Land surveying uses mathematics, technology, and specialized equipment to measure and map land. Surveyors work on new and existing infrastructure, planning and designing new constructions and land developments, in addition to determining land size. Land surveyors are also experts in determining topographic heights, and their input and information primarily guide the work of engineers, architects, geologists, and property developers. Land surveyors provide information that influences the construction of all civil engineering projects, including bridges, dams, buildings, and highways.

Importance of Land Surveying

Land surveying is essential as it enhances making informed decisions. Most processes on land require a land surveyor to enhance the quality of decisions made. Usually, the land surveyor will be at hand to take measurements and assess the suitability of the land for whatever activity gets proposed. The surveyor will assess the topography of the land and its dimensions, information which then gets utilized by architects and engineers to determine how any buildings or developments can safely get added to the land.

Land surveying also assists with determining accurate land boundaries. Most land disputes arise because of poorly marked land boundaries, which can get clarified through a land surveyor. A land surveyor will help a property owner determine the exact property dimensions, including all features included within the land, such as the height of buildings, vegetation, roads, and fences. Proper surveying is also essential when processing land title deeds, and these can only get processed with proper documentation from a licensed land surveyor.

A land surveyor is also necessary on-site during any purchase or sale of land, as this will help ascertain that the correct portion of land gets sold without any overlaps or gaps. The land surveyor will also help determine whether the land is in a flood zone or fault line, making it hard to implement any developments on the land. A land survey will also help engineers and architects determine whether construction projects are viable on the piece of land. The use of GPS surveying equipment assists in accurate surveying.